Monday, May 17, 2010

A Few of Sadie's Favorite Things

Sadie basically has two favorite things: EATING and CLIMBING.
First, Sadie loves to eat.  Anything and everything she can get her hands on ends up in her mouth--toys, dirt, and sometimes food.  She seems to prefer the salty to the sweet.
She's incredibly independent and insists upon feeding herself, which makes for a not-so-tidy clean-up. . . especially when she rubs macaroni and cheese in her eyes.  I've started removing her clothes before letting her eat; the bib just wasn't doing a good enough job.

She also loves to climb.  Lately she's taken to holding mom's fingers while she tries to walk up the stairs.
But life is always best when you can combine your two favorite things.  In Sadie's case, this means climbing in the high chair while eating.  Yes, I do buckle her in but she seems to be a mini Houdini.  Needless to say, eating time requires some vigilance on our part.
Maybe someday my sweet little girl will learn how to obey when I tell her to sit down.  For now, I'll consider myself blessed to have a cute little girl who loves food; although, I'm not sure where she puts it all.