Sunday, June 20, 2010

New sprouts

Nathaniel is proud he has gotten the green back in his thumb. He swears it is the apartment living that turned it black. That doesn't account for the Springville garden disaster though... but that's another story. Here are some pics of the latest in tender vegetation around here.

Nathaniel's few-odd dozen Ginkgo seedlings after having spent the winter being cold-stratified in the fridge. He thinks he's going to be able to sell these on Ebay someday.

The half dozen Orchids Nathaniel bought and made us transport back from our last visit to Candace are all still alive AND they all have new growth!

Tenille is exceptionally proud of her first seed-grown plants EVER! Pansies, heh...

The piece de resistance... an 8x4 foot half-raised bed Bob helped Nathaniel build. It's all planted with a few kinds of tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, zuccini, canteloupe, and various herbs! The tomatoes are already starting to fruit! Tenille is actually EXCITED to eat TOMATOES. This is huge people. Yoooge.


Sadie's newest favorite thing...

Our last post showcased Sadie's love of food. Sadie's other love is climbing. Chairs, couches, windowsills, cupboards, highchairs. Just earlier this week Nathaniel watched as Sadie figured out how to shimmy up the claw-leg of our kitchen table, hoist herself onto a chair, scootch across the seat until she could stand triumphantly at la mesa. Nathaniel decided to intervene as she swung her leg up onto the tabletop.

Here are some videos of her first real attempts at walking. Following those are some pics of her going to new heights... the powder room sink. Having congregated in the hallway after church we all turned around in surprise to see Sadie vaulting herself into the wash basin.

Hmmm... Here i go!

Uh-oh! Someone's watching me!

Oh! You have a camera! *pose*