Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sadie's newest favorite thing...

Our last post showcased Sadie's love of food. Sadie's other love is climbing. Chairs, couches, windowsills, cupboards, highchairs. Just earlier this week Nathaniel watched as Sadie figured out how to shimmy up the claw-leg of our kitchen table, hoist herself onto a chair, scootch across the seat until she could stand triumphantly at la mesa. Nathaniel decided to intervene as she swung her leg up onto the tabletop.

Here are some videos of her first real attempts at walking. Following those are some pics of her going to new heights... the powder room sink. Having congregated in the hallway after church we all turned around in surprise to see Sadie vaulting herself into the wash basin.

Hmmm... Here i go!

Uh-oh! Someone's watching me!

Oh! You have a camera! *pose*

1 comment:

Karee said...

Hysterical!She needs a climbing wall.