Monday, January 14, 2008

Fashion Math

Here is the current count of clothes Grant can wear:
Sweatshirts/Sweaters: 11
Shirts: 25
Pants/Overalls: 20
One-piece: 8
Jammies: 12

That makes
12 jammie-outfits
8 one-piece outfits
88 one-piece/sweater combo outfits
500 pant/shirt combo outfits
5500 pant/shirt/sweater combo outfits

For a grand-total of 6108 different outfits. If Grant wore a different outfit every hour, how many days would it take him to wear all of his outfits?

Special thanks to all those who made this math problem possible: friends, family, and especially grandmas. We love you all!


Jon Becca James said...

254.5 days, but he will long have outgrown them by then!You better start changing his outfit every 10 minutes . . .:)

I am so glad to find that you undated your blog! I had almost given it up as abandoned! Tenille, I miss you so much! I can't tell you how excited I am that you and Nat have Grant. He is beautiful, and you (unless it was Nat who was the sewer) did a great job on that smiley sleeper.

love, Becca

karla said...

Wow - that is pretty incredible! Since you guys are into stats, check out and set it up on your blog for more cool stats!

Texas Harveys said...

Love the post!

Jon Becca James said...

you can also go to to collect stats of your blog.

Jen Alonso said...

This is hilarious! I love that you are so into math Tenille. Grant is one stylish baby!