Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Top 10 Reasons it Took FOREVER to Vote

10. You strategically waited until after 5pm to be part of the peak voting hours.

9. You waited in line at the high school only to discover your precinct was moved to the middle school.

8. Expecting record-high voter turnout, they decreased the number of polling places.

7. You spent an hour looking for the end of the line.

6. The person in front of you let every relative, friend, and ward member cut in line with them.

5. You stood for an hour in one line to confirm your affiliation and an hour in a different line to vote, only to somehow end up in the line for the bathroom.

4. Everyone pretended to take their time weighing their choices even though they had loudly announced in line that "Romney was The Man."

3. There was only one giant book for everyone to sign (but six voting machines).

2. I don't know why, but it definitely was not because all six voting machines were being used at the same time.

And the number one reason . . .

1. It took forever to explain to the nice eighty-year-old lady recording your name and affiliation that you were voting Democrat even though your spouse was voting Republican.


Joshua and Laura Dalton said...

HAHAHA did all of this really happen?? Good for you for sticking it out. I got in line only to realize that you have to re-register every time you move! Even if it's in the same town! At least I know now for the November big time election. Hurray for democracy. -Laura

Christopher said...

That's rough. So who voted democrat and who voted republican?

karla said...

Love it! But good for you on sticking it out!