Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A New Camera

For my anniversary/wedding/graduation present, Nat gave me a new camera! Our first digital camera was 4 years old (88 in camera years). Here are some of the features that I like.

No More Blurry Pictures
(kind of)
Better Focus
(this was too close on my old camera)
Smile Shutter
(takes the picture when everyone is smiling)

Excuse to Take More Pictures

Video with Audio
Coming Soon


Candace said...

Quality camera indeed.
Grant keeps getting bigger and bigger--it's a good thing I started lifting weights again.
And that's so nice of you to post pictures of Grant and his two second favorite aunts. He'll see his favorite tomorrow night!!
And Till, cute hair (both you and Grant, actually).

Critchlow said...

Awesome! Now I expect more pictures.

Janae said...

I love your hair Tenille.

karla said...

YAY for a new camera!