Wednesday, July 16, 2008

9 months and growing

Grant turned nine-months-old yesterday. He is getting so big, I can hardly believe it!

Birth weight: 7 1/2 lbs
Current weight: 19 lbs
% change: 150%

Grant is in the 25th-percentile for his weight. I know, that's not very believable considering his thunder thighs and knee-rolls. Perhaps being in the 10th-percentile for height holds some explanatory power for the thighs and knees.

Birth length: 18 in
Current length: 27 in
% change: 50%

Hmm, interesting comparison.Favorite activities: crawling, standing, babbling, and playing with his bathtub. I know it's weird, but he could sit in his bathtub for hours.


Jen said...

Wow I haven't been to your blog in forever. You had 3 new posts! :) So exciting! This one was my favorite! Grant is such a cutie! I love his "thunder thighs and knee rolls" and his big smiles. I will definitely miss seeing those things each Sunday. He is about the happiest and content baby I've ever seen. What a joy to be able to sit in a bath tub for hours :) If we could all be so content, right?

Kristie said...

Tenille, I cannot believe how old your son is getting! He's adorable! I love him!

Jason, Natashia, and baby Tyson said...

He is getting so big! thats good that he will stay in the bathtub! Tyson wont even sit in the bathtub, he loves to stand! Also I now call him Godzilla because he goes around the house causing chaos!