Friday, October 24, 2008

One Year and Some Change

We are now the proud parents of a one-year-old. Grant has such a happy spirit and is joy to have in our home. To celebrate his birthday, Grant and mom went on a walk to enjoy the fall foliage and play in the (somewhat damp) leaves. We got some great pictures of our camera-loving Grant and the beautiful autumn colors.Grant's current hobbies include making a mess and trying to clean it up, hiding his food and toys in unexpected places (shoes, baskets, under couches, bookshelves), eating, coloring, reading, and babbling.Grant is an expert babbler, but we are still working on saying words. He can find and point to mama, dada, fox, ball, belly button, toes, and bunny when asked, but the only word he actually says is "book".We made Grant a blue caterpillar cake, which is not pictured because both the cake and the picture turned out poorly. I am definitely not a baker. Grant loved playing in the cake, but it took him a minute to figure out that he could actually eat the cake. Here is a video of Grant not eating his cake. I'm not sure that I would actually recommend watching it; it's just four minutes of Grant making a mess. I posted it for the grandparents to enjoy.

Here's another video of Grant actually eating the cake. Again, it's fairly boring unless you are a parent or grandparent, but Grant makes the cutest face at the end of the video.


Becca said...

Happy birthday, Grant! That is so funny he didn't know to eat his cake! He sure had fun with it though. I love how every 1-year-old is different. James was shoving his cake into his mouth as fast as he could! His friend, Heather, on the other hand, wouldn't even touch her 1-year birthday cake--too sticky!

And yes, you did get some great Autumn pictures. Those trees are beautiful, and you got some good smiles on Grant!

Nana said...

Thanks for the cute video of Grant eating his birthday cake. Can't wait to hug him.

Christina said...

Tenille, I think my favorite part of the videos is the part when you are carefully "cleaning" up the cake he "dropped". As if he hasn't made a huge mess already and there you are, being a good mommy, making sure he isn't getting dirtier than necessary! I love it!

Chris Pease & Christie Wilkes said...

Hey Tenille-

It's been a long time since I've seen ya! I get updates on you and Candace whenever my mom goes to get her hair done at your mom's place - which has been fun all these years!

I'm glad to hear you became a teacher - so fitting for you! And to see you have a kid now, wow, time flies!

I'm gonna add you guys to my list-o-Amigos and keep up to date an your development and adventures.

SO much fun to see all us 'hood kids growin' up and raising babies 'n such!

Christie Wilkes

Christina said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog under "Crazy 8's" to see what you need to do.

karla said...

Great pictures! Happy Birthday little GQ!

SLP said...

Happy Birthday GRANT!
Cousin Theo

PS - Go LIONS!!!

Christina said...

Hey Tenille, I am going private on my blog. If you would like to view it, send me an e-mail and I will send you an invite.

karla said...

PS - Tenille, I just tagged you on my blog! Check it out for details. :)

Meliss said...

Oh I miss that little chuckle so much! Fall looks beautiful there- I hope everything is going well for you!