Monday, January 12, 2009

The Joys of Visiting Home

During the Utah portion of our vacation, we got to enjoy all the things we have desperately missed while living in Pennsylvania.

1) Fry Sauce! We've tried all the traditional (ketchup) and non-traditional (ranch dressing, tarter sauce, Wendy's Frosty) substitutes for fry sauce; and nothing really compares to Utah's own fry sauce (not even the homemade kind). Thanks to our favorite little North Ogden drive-in (Kirt's), we were able to get our fill of fry sauce for the next year.
2) Mexican Food! Nat claims he had plenty of Mexican food during our trip to the West. I, however, can always eat more Mexican food. Unfortunately we were only in Provo on a Sunday and so we weren't able to enjoy our favorite Provo Taco Joint: Diego's Tacos. Yum!
3) Temples Everywhere! It was nice to not have to drive four hours to the nearest temple. It was also nice to have free babysitting. Thanks Mom!
4) Family and Friends! We were happy to see so many of our loved ones while we were in Utah; and we were sad that we weren't able to see everyone. We love and miss you all!
Here's the recent picture of the growing Berrett clan. We have added two new members to my family since our last family photo (Nat and Grant) . . . and this one will be out of date in approximately 3 1/2 months!

Although we had a blast during our long vacation, it sure is nice to be home. We were already starting to miss some of our Pennsylvania favorites: pizza, Backyard Burgers, hills, trees, great football (if we block out the January 1st game), and new friends. It's great to be home. Hooray for no more traveling (we spent 8 of our 23 vacation days traveling thanks to broken planes, weather, flat tires, and lost keys)!


Chase - said...

That is a really cute picture. I love the one one the side of your blog. Grant and his little cute.

lisa said...

oh whoops that was me Lisa that left that comment not Chase. I'm sure Chase wouldn't use words like cute.

Janae said...

I love Kirt's, but for dessert you have to go to Country Boy Dairy and get a milk shake.

Kristen! said...

I love the picture! You guys look amazing! Especially your mom...Go Nanette!! We miss you already...can't wait to meet your little girl...someday.

Ben and Jenn said...

So fun! We seem to do the same sort of Utah food run every time we're there. The Mexican food on the east coast is AWFUL. We just crave good Mexican food (and fry sauce too) every time we go home. We need to get somebody to spread the Café Rio goodness (and the authentic Mexican goodness) to the east. Hmmm.