Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finding Joy Now

Sorry for the lack of pictures . . . Grant hid my camera battery charger.

Last week one of my not-so-pleasant pregnancy symptoms (nasal congestion) mutated into a man-eating monster---attacking my nose, throat, ears, and eyes. This physical unpleasantness combined with my oppressive guilt over having to ignore my precious and loving son left me extremely discouraged. While in the throws of not-so-endless torment, I found myself reflecting on the Young Women lesson I missed last Sunday and wondering, "How am I suppose to find joy in this?"

And so I have compiled a list of things to smile about (see An Invitation to Young Women). One for each day I've been sick, so far . . .

1. Interesting Typos
A yummy recipe suggests: "Stop by your favorite Chinese food restaurant as a time saver and purchase a cartoon of sticky rice." I think I need to find a new favorite Chinese food restaurant because mine doesn't sell cartoons of sticky rice.

A clip-art CD advertises: "thousands of color-and-black and white images". Personally, I prefer the color-and-black images best; I have a hard time seeing the while images.

2. Baby Giggles
I find that I am willing to try just about anything when I am sick and pregnant (e.g., visit the doctor). Saturday's natural remedy consisted of gargling salt water to relieve my burning throat. Grant thought the gargling noise was hilarious. We both laughed and laughed as I gargled the disgusting salt water.

3. Valentine Candy
Of all the artificial candy holidays, Valentine's Day is definitely my favorite.
Conversation hearts: not as yummy, but definitely funny
Sweet-tart hearts: the sour taste forces you to pucker-up
Cinnamon hearts: the best of all worlds (cinnamon flavor, chewy texture, romantic shape)

4. Free craft patterns on AllPeopleQuilt.com
One of my favorite craft magazines is distributed by Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection, and I have been frantically searching for one of their back issues. Luckily, last week I happened upon this amazing website that has many of the patterns available as free downloads. Here are some I can't wait to try.
Soft Baby Blocks
Covered Journals
Messenger Bags

5. An eternal student for a husband
Although I would love a bulkier paycheck and a house, the flexible student schedule has come in handy this week. It has been very nice to be able to have Nathaniel help out a little more while I have been under the weather. He has cooked, run errands, picked up toys, and even washed dishes a few times. He has taken such good care of me that I barely miss my mom who has been diligently taking care of Candace.

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