Saturday, March 14, 2009

3.14 Happy Pi Day

Even though I am a math FANATIC, I really just use pi day as an excuse to eat . . . PIE. I love being a mom with time to plan extravagant holiday menus. Here's today's menu:

Brunch: Quiche Lorraine
So it took me a year of failures to finally perfect my quiche making skills. This morning's quiche was fabulous. Grant even enjoyed the quiche.

Dinner: Pizza Pie
Sorry, no recipe. Pizza courtesy of Brother's Pizza, our favorite local pizza joint. We were suppose to have Chicken Pot Pie, but I was tired of cooking. Besides, pizza is one of Grant's favorite dinners.

Dessert: Grasshopper Pie (the cheater way with mint ice cream and oreos)


Kristen Crandall said...

Hey chick-a-dee! It is good to see someone as big and round and prego as me. Hope all is going well with your pregnancy. Your mom is flying out to you the same time my mom is flying out to see me! Too much fun. We went to San Diego this past week and I might get brave enough to post a beach shot of me. Love you guys.

Christina said...

What a fun idea! That is a great tradition!

Becca said...

ooh . .. quiche . . . now I'm hungry.

karla said...

Mmm...I love Pi Day!

Jeff said...

We celebrated pi day, too! What a great tradition.

Crystal and Kyle said...

I didn't even know about Pi day. I will have to introduce that holiday into our family. It sounds like a fun tradition. Grant is so cute and very smart!