Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Cuteness

Memorial Day in Boalsburg is HUGE! The town claims to be the Birthplace of Memorial Day and celebrates the holiday with carnivals, firetruck parades, reenactments, and much more. We began the weekend by visiting the massive war memorial. The above picture doesn't even begin to capture the size and majesty of this place. It was breathtaking!

Then it was off to the parade, which was hosted by the fire company. The adults enjoyed seeing the old fire engines. Grant was memorized by the firetrucks and a little perplexed by the candy flying from the engine. But once mom let him gather and eat the tossed candy, he began to cheer as each engine passed and loudly shout "YEAH!" when they threw candy to him. This shout of "YEAH!" was much like the shouts of "YEAH!" I hear each Sunday when I drop him off at nursery. I don't know if I should be happy that he is secure enough that I can leave him at nursery or if I should be worried that my son like nursery more than me.Sadie looked adorable in her Memorial Day outfits. I love to see her smile.


Texas Harveys said...

You all look great! And Sadie is beautiful!

Cannon on Cannon said...

There's nothing like a holiday in a small town. Next up, 4th of July - how will Grant like the fireworks?!

Candace said...

Finally new pics! I love that first picture of Sadie--for some reason she looks a lot like Tenille there.
And I love the story about Grant figuring out the parade.
Love you guys!

Tenille said...

I think Grant liked the fireworks last year . . . but he did fall asleep halfway through the display.

karla said...

LOVE the floral dress!