Sunday, November 1, 2009

Learning to be 2

Cookie Sneaking
Grant helped me make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I put the cookies on the rack to cool, but Grant decided he couldn't wait to eat the cookies and helped himself. Unfortunately, his first cookie-sneaking experience didn't fair so well (for mom) and he ended up dropping the warm cookie onto the floor. Dropping the cookie on the floor presented only a minor set back for Grant who just sat on the floor to eat the rest of the cookie.

Birthday Celebrating
This birthday was all about things that go: train set, train cake, and bike (plus a Thomas blanket and Thomas movie). What October birthday would be complete without some snow (like 6 inches)?Big-Boy Sleeping
We transitioned Grant to a "Big-Boy" bed, which means learning how sleep without falling out of bed, how to wake up mom in the middle of the night ("Mom get out bed"), and learning how to sneak down the stairs when I should be in bed. A two-year-old's logic is somewhat mysterious: Grant refuses to walk down the stairs during the day and will stand at the top of the stairs asking "carry you?", but somehow he is more than capable of walking downstairs at night after we have put him to bed.
Dinner Negotiating
Grant: How about ice cream?
Mom: No. How about carrots?
Grant: No, carrots all gone.

Sibling Laughing
Sadie rarely laughs for mom. Sadie sometimes laughs for dad. Sadie always laughs for Grant.

Halloween Trick-or-Treating
Sadie dressed as a ghost but skipped the trick-or-treating. Grant hasn't stopped exclaiming "It's Halloween!"


Candace said...

Cute post. Those kids really are so cute! And Grant asking for ice cream for dinner? A kid after my own heart! I really can't wait to see you guys!

Becca said...

Cute, cute, cute! Happy birthday, Grant! Happy first Halloween, Sadie!

Jenn said...

Okay, I must admit that I love two-year-olds. I know they're supposed to be terrible, but I actually thought three was more terrible. At two they're still so innocent and funny! Enjoy it! Your kids are adorable!