Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not Quite the Memory I was Hoping to Make

Christmas lights are one of the things that I love most about this time of year.  The warm memories of visiting the lights on Temple Square and the candy displays in the ZCMI windows downtown still bring a smile to my face, and I want to provide my kids with the opportunities to create similar memories of Christmastime.  So when I read about the Christmas light display at Lakemont Park, I knew that we just had to make the 45 minute drive to see the lights.  Christmas lights on the lake!  Train displays!  Christmas music!  What could be better?  Surely the long line of cars to enter the light display is a good sign, right?  I guess I didn't realize that when businesses have an opportunity to sponser a Christmas lights event, you might get Christmas displays like the one pictured below.

We got to see a weight-lifting Santa display sponsored by the local gym, Santa driving cars that he purchased from the local car dealer, and Santa driving a team of Clydesdale horses pulling a Budweiser sleigh.

On a positive note, Grant and Sadie loved the tunnel of lights and the train display.  So maybe they were able to create some happy memories after all. 


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I am just glad that we created some good memories for you!