Sunday, March 2, 2008

Grant Dances to the Classics

Grant is mobile! Well, he can roll from his tummy to his back (although rather inconsistently). After several takes, this was the best video we could produce. If you use your imagination, you might be able to see Grant roll over at the end of the video.

Along with his new found mobility, Grant has discovered that life doesn't always go as planned. Case in point: That which the hand can grab, the mouth may not chew. We posted some before and after shots to illustrate. Here is Grant enjoying his swing (and his beautiful quilt Aunt Candace made him), wondering if he will ever be able to reach the pretty orange fish. After moments of deep concentration, SUCCESS!! This period of triumph is briefly enjoyed, only to be followed by . . .. . . anger and frustration when he couldn't pull the fish to his mouth.The moral of this story is: don't put food, drink, research papers, necklaces, earrings (especially still attached to earlobes), phones, cameras, or Christmas decorations (thanks to Karee for putting away my decorations away this weekend) anywhere near the baby!


Jon Becca James said...

Way to go, Grant! Just wait, a whole new world awaits you as you gain mobility! Step by step, you'll learn to master this new little body you've been given. You'll learn to grab things Mommy and Daddy thought they'd put out of your reach (and they may have been out of reach yesterday, but today's a whole new story!), and you'll wonder why Mommy and Daddy shreek and get upset when you do instead of congratulating your new ability! Oh, the life of a baby!

Chocolate Frogs said...

LoL, I forgot all about pi day, but do remember celebrating that in Calculus. Anyways, I love the picture of Grant in front of the Mac. Way cute.