Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grant's First Rice Cereal

We celebrated that approach of Grant's six-month birthday by feeding him his first rice cereal mush. I don't think much of the mush made it to his stomach; he pushed most of it out with his tongue. I'd love suggestions on how to get your baby to like the rice-mush better (warm/cold, water/juice/milk, etc.)!

Although Grant didn't actually eat much of the mush, we got some good laughs. He smiled and laughed for the flying airplane and cried when the plane of food landed in his mouth.

We took a video, but there's no sound. I think you'll still get the picture.


Critchlow said...

Priceless faces being pulled!

becca said...

I think he did a great job for his first time! He is such a smiley kid. Don't you love it?