Sunday, April 20, 2008

We Love IKEA

It's no secret, we love IKEA! But who would have thought that a stuffed animal from IKEA would become a baby's best friend? Grant is attacking Big Fox in the pictures. We also have Baby Fox, who has been so thoroughly drooled upon that his fur is a little crusty. I used to wonder if a six-month old would exhibit toy preferences; I no longer wonder now---Grant definitely prefers Big and Baby Fox to any other toy!


Jason, Natashia, and baby Tyson said...

We just went to IKEA today and that place is amazing!! I saw those foxes... how cool and i really like the pic with the Big Fox

Joshua and Laura Dalton said...

How cute! Kylie really likes her toys too. She can't even grab them yet, but they entertain her! I love your posts. They're so fun!