Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Highlights

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We delayed the Easter Basket and Egg Hunt until the afternoon so that we could enjoy our church meetings and yummy dinner. The Easter Bunny gave Grant some books and an ABC puzzle. You can probably guess which item attracted his interest first. It took a little probing to get Grant to put down the puzzle and start hunting for eggs. He didn't really like the idea of putting his eggs in a basket; he'd much rather line them neatly on the floor. Grant may have got his love of showers from his dad, but he definitely inherited his OCD tendencies (lining up eggs, opening and closing doors, etc.) from his mom.


Crystal and Kyle said...

I can't believe how much hair Grant has. Trey is jealous :) I love that he would rather play with the puzzle. Trey thought the eggs were balls and just kept throwing them. :) It's so cute the way their little brains work and think. I can just see Grant thinking about lining those eggs up in that picture. So cute!

karla said...

Ha ha! The lining up of the eggs reminds me of Jeff and his siblings. They were all about organization and order, too. :)

The Cannons said...

C&K - Yeah, we dodged a bullet with the eggs. Yesterday we came home with some fruit and veggies and next thing we knew Grant was throwing onions around the living room. We stopped him just as he picked up the cantaloupe!