Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Every Little Bit Helps

I had hoped to celebrate Earth Day with the arrival of a new baby. Unfortunately, it doesn't look that is going to happen. So here are a few of the other things we did today to try and do our part.

1) Used reusable shopping bags. So I try to do this anyway, but most of the time I either leave the bags (a) at home, (b) in the car, or (c) in my purse and I don't realize they are in my purse until everything has already been bagged and my son has had his fill of grocery shopping.

2) Ate leftovers for dinner. There's no sense in wasting food (something we do far too often).

3) Took a bath instead of a shower. I used a lot less water and the hot water heater didn't have to work as hard.

4) Went for a walk. It was a little overcast, but still nice to get out of the house.

I still used harsh chemicals to clean my bathrooms. The harsher cleaners just make the bathroom smell so much better.


Becca said...

Those are some good ideas! We use reusable shopping bags too, though we all too often forget them. We also make our own compost with yard and kitchen scraps and plant vegetables.

rebecca and eric said...

Yay for the Earth! I love Grant's new chair and I LOVE those cute foxes!! can't wait to see your sweet baby when she comes.

Sarah said...

looks like you had your baby (facebook) Congrats! I also hope everything is okay with Sadie.
@ your list.. I have a new "going green" book and it said that it actually uses less water to shower than take a bath.

teamkc said...

I ALWAYS leave my reusable grocery bags in the car or at home, too! Grrr! So, I am going to put them in the diaper bag (it is also my purse)...