Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stealing the Show

Grant sure loves his sister.

He holds her and talks to her.
He shares his toys with her.
He sits by her while she sleeps.I wanted to make a cute movie of Sadie smiling at her fish mobile. Unfortunately, I think Grant stole the show.


Becca said...

Oh, Sadie looks so much like you, Tenille! What a cutie.

Danny and Shalayne said...

That is adorable. Grant is so big I can't believe it! (Big age-wise that is)

Sadie's quilt is adorable!! Did you make it? If are amazing! It was hard for me to find girl bedding that I liked so whenever I see cute stuff I am always curious where people found it!

Hillary and Cameron said...

The kids are so cute! Sadie will be so big by the time we get to Pennsylvania this August. I like how Grant says "Uh-oh" toward the end of the movie clip.

Kristen Crandall said...

I hope the loving continues even when Grant realizes that Sadie wants to play with HIS toys =). He seems like such a sweet spirit. I am sure the sibling bonding will continue long into adulthood. Look at me, I married one of my brother's best friends... Too cute. Love the video.

Crystal and Kyle said...

So I just read your delivery story. Man!!! You are so tough! I'm glad the doctors got there in time.

I loved your post about Grants clothes :) I can't wait till Trey starts talking. They're so cute at that age and i'm sure it's a whole lot easier to make them happy when they can tell you what they want. We are doing sign language with Trey and that has seemed to help.