Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who's Dressing This Boy?

I started my PhD program this month which means we've been juggling the kids around. Currently, I get up before the sun to work on campus in the mornings and Nat gets to go to campus in the afternoons. This works out well because Nat can sleep in a little in the mornings. Unfortunately, it means that he is also the one dressing the kids.

In general, I would say that Nat dresses well. He even likes to give me fashion advise. But sometimes I wonder what he is thinking when he dresses the kids. Nat's had to learn a few hard lessons these past few weeks.

Lesson 1: The Top Button Goes in the Top Button Hole
My sister already noticed that Grant's shirt was buttoned incorrectly in the pictures in the 2 to 200 post. I come home to incorrectly buttoned shirts regularly, but I usually give Nat the benefit of the doubt because Grant can be kind of squirmy.
Lesson 2: The Fly Goes in the Front
So it's a little difficult to tell from the picture, but Grant's shorts are on backwards. Again, I think Candace gets credit for noticing this one when we got home from working on Thursday. In Nat's defense, most of Grant's pants have fake flies.
Lesson 3: Two Plaids? Really?
This is what I came home to today. I can't think of a valid excuse for my husband on this one; he's not colorblind.


Kristen! said...

I used to have the matching problem with Eric dressing Braden ALL THE TIME! I finally had to say "Eric, you know how to dress decently - you do it everyday - now I expect Braden to look decent as well!" Thank heavens it worked. Oh dads...Gotta love 'em!

Kevin and Kristina said...

That last picture is awesome. Good thing Grant is so cute that he looks good in everything, even if it doesn't match.

Karee said...

But does he put Sadie's diapers on backwards? That's what Grandma Jan used to do with my babies.Sad but true.

Jennifer said...

You're starting your PhD?!? Wow, Tenille, you amaze me. I'd love to hear more about that... :)

I think my daughter would end up with similar outfits if my husband were in charge of it. I just tell myself to be grateful he got her dressed! These are cute pictures!

Brittons of Provo said...

That is so funny! It seems like Ontario deliberately puts the boys in clown outfits when he is in charge of dressing them. I remember a particular blue/red plaid with teal/navy stripes combo. It was crazy!

Danny and Shalayne said...

That is hilarious! Danny does the same thing with Ada...I would love to know his thought process when he dresses her....maybe it is like his thought process during Math :) jk.

Scott (Dad) said...

Hey, Nathaniel, you need to stick up for yourself here. I'm sure you and Grant are pushing the envelope on fashionable tot-wear, and the rest of the world just doesn't get it yet. Keep the vision!

The Cannons said...

That's right. Just pushing the envelope, widening people's imaginations. Pants can go backwards! doesn't anyone remember Kriss-Kross?! My buddy Ontario has the right idea, plaid and stripes. Sweet. Will have to note that down. And good to see other wives are equally perturbed by their husbands' forward looking fashion sense.