Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Traditions

State College is a great place for autumn traditions. One of our favorite traditions is trick-or-treating at the sports museum on campus. The student athletes crowd the museum to hand out candy to costumed kids. This year Grant dressed up as Thomas the Train (he was also Thomas the Train 2 years ago at the sports museum trick-or-treating festivities) and Sadie dressed up as a princess (Sleeping Beauty, to be exact--which is what she dressed up as last year). Henry dressed up as a monster. Don't worry--he wasn't a monster last year.

Taking a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch at Way Fruit Farms is another autumn favorite. We got to share this tradition with Nana and Papa this year.

Guess who is learning to crawl? Too bad he can only crawl backwards. Let's hope crawling backwards doesn't become an autumn tradition.

Lego building is quickly becoming a weekly tradition.  This week's creation: a monster truck that ejects its rider when it crashes into a wall. Hours of priceless entertainment.


Candace said...

Stopping to take a picture of a crying baby before rescuing any good parent would. <3

Anonymous said...

SO cute!! Henry's is my favorite. Did he crawl backwards to get stuck under the couch?

fanny said...

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